Monday, July 19, 2010

A Paranormal Book Review: Kresley Cole's A Hunger Like No Other

Kresley Cole’s  A Hunger Like No Other (The Immortals After Dark Series, Book 1) is next on my review list. An author friend of mine recommended this book to read and so I quickly sought out this paranormal romance. And I am happy that I did. It was a really good read.

Lachlain has been trapped in a dungeon in the catacombs, being held captive by the vampires for the last 15 decades. Wow…that’s a lifetime in the clink. But when you’re an immortal, 150 years is a drop in the bucket, right?

Lachlain is king of the Lykae (werewolves), captured by Demestriu, the king of the vampires.  He escapes when he senses her…his life mate, Emmaline. And then the story begins. She’s a halfling, part Valkyrie and part vampire. Lachlain was delusional from his stint in the vampire prison. To break free, he tore off his leg and scoured all of Paris, searching for his life mate. Once he tackles her, he discovers she’s a vampire and nearly loses his mind again at the cruelty of his fate. His life mate is one of a sworn enemy, the vampires.

The first aspect that I adored about this book was when Lachlain first sees Emma. It’s as if his soul recognizes her. This romantic interlude is so tender and endearing when he embraced her, whispering sweet nothings about finally finding her – after over a thousand years.  Can you imagine?

Afterwards he's was unsure as to whether to trust her or not and is downright cruel to her because of who she is. He underestimates Emma, thinking her more like her vampire kin.

This is an unwanted relationship or more like abduction to Emma. Her kidnapper is dirty, disgusting and deranged at first. After he showers and became more accustomed to his surroundings...he's attractive as hell but mocks her heritage in one breath and then gently holds her in another. Emma and Lachlain relationship is tumultuous from the beginning. Emma’s never been away from her family ever until she embarked on a trip to Paris. She’s so naive to the immortal world, let alone the human world. She’s never been intimate with a man until Lachlain attacks her and forced her into an intimacy she’s unaccustomed to.

It sounds strange, I know but it’s oh so good. You’ll be hooked on this series after this book. It has it all: romance, action, suspense, love and mystical creatures. Werewolves, Vampires and Valkeries, Oh my.

A Hunger Like No Other is nonstop hot, sensuous and above all things…fun. If you love those mystical components that are paramount in a paranormal romance, then you’ll love this book. On the Mina Burrows KilloMeter, I give A Hunger Like No Other a 4.

Until next time, read and submerge yourself in a riveting story.

Mina B.

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