Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine’s Day Reservation – Evil Editor

Ok, so here’s something fun, right before Valentine’s Day, I might add.  For those of you not familiar with Evil Editor and his hysterical blog here’s a brief into. Evil Editor started his blog several years ago and is practically an icon in the publishing industry.  He rants, teaches, and scolds all newcomers and established writers, under the pretense of giving insight into the confounding and diabolical world of publishing.  He’s practically a god, I tell you…or the devil, rather.  Anyway, I’ve been reading his blog for some time now and have participated in his writing exercises. They're good fun and if you have the time…I recommend you partake in the challenge too.

The writing exercises must be completed based on a timeline, a minimum word count (300 words max) and centered on a scene dictated by Evil Editor.  For last week the scene was as follows:
Evil Editor is on the phone trying to make a restaurant reservation for Valentine's Day, but it seems every restaurant manager in town is aware of what happened last Valentine's Day. Write the transcript of the phone conversation.
Here is my response…

Valentine Reservation 1 -

Muttering inaudible comments, EE called again, his 4th attempt at reserving a table at the French restaurant, Très Magnifique.

The female matradee answered whimsically, “Bon Jour, Très Magnifique”

Incognito, using a southern drawl, EE said “Howdy there, purdy lady. Would you kindly help me with a reservation…for Valentine’s Day?”

“Monsieur Evil?” She growled.

EE sat silent.

“Oui. I know its zou, Monsieur Evil!” She replied with French snobbery. “I said No! Zou aren’t welcomed here. Stop calling…imbecile!”

“But I need a reservation.” EE pleaded.

“Absolute no. I told zou. I heard what zou did at FiFi’s last year.”
EE countered, “And I explained….I ordered the coveted foie gras and what I got was a culinary catastrophe of pheasant droppings!”

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Have fun!

Mina Burrows

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