Friday, February 19, 2010

Mina Burrow’s Killometer - Book Review System

Yes, I too have a rating system for my book reviews. It's not terribly complicated. Even as a writer, I strive to create killer novels. So, as I read, and then review another author’s novels, I also strive to follow those same guidelines…which I've now deemed, the Mina Burrow’s Killometer.

This year, I’ve reviewed some of my favorite authors, Laura Adrian, Lynsay Sands and Richelle Mead. Even though, those review's have missed the Killometer…check back for updates as I’ll be be adding my killer RIP tombstone's back into their previous reviews.

I’m not that terribly hard to please. I’ve read decent books I’ve paid a fortune for and phenomenal ones I’ve gotten for free. For me, this isn’t rocket science...just read what you love…and most of the time, you’ll be happy with the results.

But, for those who need to have more clarity in my reviews, I created these semi-stringent guidelines.

Mina Burrows - Killometer for Book Reviews

*  One RIP, means it was dead before it got published.

*  Two RIPs, means the killer intent was there but was somehow got lost.

*  Three RIPs, means I felt a killer instinct and was entertained along the way.

*  Four RIPs, means it was a killer book.

*  Five RIPs, means the author killed it, so brilliantly that he/she slashed it off the pages.

There you have it. The Mina Burrow’s Killometer. It’s pretty simple folks; write a good book, get a RIP tombstone (or 5) and a killer review by me, of course.

Mina B.

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Spiro's wife said...

Great rating system. Like it!