Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Classic Horror on Netflix & Other Creepy Flicks

Hey, guys.  It's day 7 of October, and Halloween is just around the corner.  Jinkies, I can't believe it's that close.  Anyway, as writers, readers and everyday life-goers, one way to take a break and celebrate Halloween this season is to watch classic horror specials on TV.  Am I right?  Well, nothing gets you in the mood for Halloween like a good old-fashioned movie or video on Netflix.   Today, I'm featuring some classic horror films/shows and other creepy videos available on Netflix now.  So get ready as we review a boat-load of horror genre so you can binge-watch throughout the month of October.

Classic Horror on Netflix

House on Haunted Hill, 1959 NR 74 minutes - 3 Stars on NF
A devilish millionaire offers five strangers $10,000 to stay overnight in a remote haunted mansion, where they are terrorized by grisly apparitions. Starring:  Vincent Price, Elisha Cook Jr.

My Comments:  Vincent Price is like a cornerstone in horror cinema.  I don't think we've had an actor like him in the horror genre since.  I saw House on Haunted Hill decades ago, and it's definitely time to watch it again.  Have you seen it?

Night of the Living Dead, 1968 NR 95 minutes - 2.25 Stars on NF
As dead bodies return to life and feast on humans, a woman joins a band of survivors in a farmhouse trying to save themselves from the zombie hordes.
Starring:  Duane Jones, Judith O'Dea

My Comments:  During the A-Z Challenge, I posted on this movie and zombies for the letter Z. It is a classic indeed and currently rank an 8 by fans on IMDB.   Have you seen it, or is this too outdated for your taste?

Alfred Hitchcock Presents, 1955-1957 NR 3 Seasons - 4 Stars on NF
Master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock brings his droll sensibility to the small screen in this legendary and iconic anthology series. Starring:  Alfred Hitchcock

My Comments:  I've seen a handful or so of these, but no one creates suspense and highlights the darkness in humanity like Hitchcock.  What an icon and what a series.  IMDB fans rate this 1950's series at an 8.7 which is pretty impressive.  

Nosferatu, 1922/1929 NR 94 minutes - 2.5 Stars on NF
Many horror-film fanatics call this silent classic the scariest Dracula adaptation ever, starring Max Schreck as the eerie and grotesque Count Orlok. Starring:
Max Schreck, Alexander Granach

My Comments:  This classic vampire movie is truly memorable.  And that's quite an accomplishment when many of the horror movies made since then are frankly, forgettable.  This was another one I featured on my "N" post for the A-Z Challenge.  Don't miss your chance to watch it on Netflix if you can.

The Twilight Zone 1959-1963 TV-PG 4 Seasons - 3.5 Stars on NF
Hosted by creator Rod Serling, this groundbreaking anthology series presents tales of the supernatural that are often tinged with social commentary. Starring: Rod Serling

My Comments:  I've seen so many of these episodes, I've lost count.  What a treat to be able to catch at least four seasons of these episodes.  Top episodes are: To Serve Man (1962), The Fugitive (1962) and  Kick the Can (1962).

Other Creepy Flicks!

Lastly, if the classics are not to your taste, then there are oodles of other horror films or television shows to watch on Netflix.  Check out my list of what to watch this October and read my brief comments on the shows.
  1. The Munsters - Another classic television show and not so scary.
  2. American Horror Story - Seasons 1 & 2 are a cross between disturbing and terrifying.  Perfect for horror fans.
  3. The Walking Dead - Horror & Drama!  Can't get enough of the WD? Previous seasons available on NF.  Wahoo!
  4. World War Z - I liked it, but it may not be for some people.
  5. Cabin in the Woods - It wasn't a fav, but I do love Joss Whedon.
  6. Angel - The vampire with a soul!  Thank you Joss Whedon.  Yes, Angel's seasons are stream'n on NF too.
  7. Dreamworks Scary Stories featuring Shrek - Hilarious and fun for the kiddos!
  8. Hemlock Grove - Season 1 was cool, but I've lost interest in Season 2. :(
  9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Duh!  Need I say more? Two classic episodes are Nightmares (Season 1) and Hush (Season 4).
  10. Scoody Doo - Me personally...I can't get enough of those meddling kids!
Of course the Halloween series and Scream series are also available so you have that option.  What types of movies do you like to watch during October?  Are there any classics on your list?

Have a great week!

Mina Burrows


Sarah Foster said...

My fiance and I are trying to cram in as many scary movies as we can before Halloween. I've been meaning to watch Nosferatu for forever, I should finally watch it this month.

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Thanks a bunch, Mina. Like I needed one more thing to distract me from writing! ;)

Heather Holden said...

Love classic horror movies! You're definitely spot-on about Vincent Price. As for what I like to watch during October, Hocus Pocus and Trick 'r Treat are musts for me, since both take place on Halloween. I try to squeeze in other horror movies if I'm able as well, although I don't always have the time!

S. L. Hennessy said...

Buffy, Hemlock Grove, Munsters...thank you Netflix for making this a very special (and busy) Halloween. I love October.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sometimes you have to wonder about NetFlix ratings. I'd give Nosferatu a much higher score.
And for those who like to combine their holidays, I recommend Rare Imports. It is really unique.

The Spooky Whisk said...

I can't believe Halloween Season is almost over. It's going WAY too fast, for me.

mshatch said...

Love Buffy. My son and I are rewatching and it's true, Joss Whedon is the man.

Elise Fallson said...

Jinkies, I love Scooby Doo too! Netflix has finally made it to France (about a month ago), unfortunately, the reviews aren't that great, apparently Netflix here doesn't give that much more options than the paid cable provider... but what do I know, we don't even have TV service at our house. Did I mention we live in a cave? ;) Anyway, I gotta think of a good costume for Halloween.....maybe I could go as a writer with writer's block? Now that would be scary!

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

I have yet to watch American Horror Story. I want to, but the commercials for it really creep me out.

And I cannot wait for the new season of TWD!

Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption

Shannon Lawrence said...

I didn't know some of these were on Netflix! I watched The Town That Feared Sundown (or something like that) and Event Horizon tonight. I've added a bunch of horror films in the last couple weeks as they pop up on Netflix. I'm waiting for Witching and Bitching to come on since I read it was supposed to be on Netflix this month. It's supposed to be good.