Wednesday, December 4, 2013

IWSG: Don't Ever Give Up!

It's time for Insecure Writers Support Group.  This monthly meme is brought to us by  Alex J. Cavanaugh and now has a new home.  If you haven't visited their new website, click here and check it out

I'll keep my post short. Like most writers, I've had way too much going on.  To give you an example, it's 11:30 at night here and right now I'm trying to write a compelling post.  *Smacks forehead*  That's just the way it goes, huh?  
Anyway, my insecurities this month--which seem to be a common theme for the year--are surrounding my novel and some setbacks I have had.  This is not necessarily a bad thing but it has caused some insecurity for me. That said, I haven't dwelt on that insecurity for too long.  In truth, finding time is my biggest challenge with my writing these days.  Do hurdles like this make a writer want to give up?  It used to, but I realized a long time ago that this whole writing process is a journey so I'm doing my best to enjoy the ride.
And no I haven't given up either.  To show you I haven't I thought I'd share this writers creed with you:

Have you seen this before?  It's perfect for the publishing industry, huh?  Can you guess which one's publishing and which one's me?  Can you relate?  What type of insecurities are you faced with this month?  


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sometimes we forget it's a journey that lasts a lifetime. We may not be promised tomorrow, but for most of us, there is still time to come.

Michelle Wallace said...

It's a never-ending journey. That's the reason I chose the name Writer In Transit. My blog header is always there to remind me...
Hope you're well Mina?! *waving*
Writer In Transit

Laura said...

I always struggle to find time to fit in everything I want to do. I'm getting better at managing my time, but I still have a long way to go.

S. L. Hennessy said...

I am SO with you. Setbacks are the way of the writer. Still, as Nemo would say, just keep swimming :)

Love the cartoon!

Kimberly said...

OMGosh, I love that picture so darn much! lately time has definitely been a struggle to get back to writing on a new book! Maybe I'll get there during Christmas break or definitely after the new year.

Elise Fallson said...

You choke the s*it out of that 'bird' Mina! You can do it! :D

Mina Burrows said...

@Alex - True. And right now the journey is killing me. :(

@Michelle - You hit the nail on the head with your blog header/motto, Michelle.

@Laura - Managing my time isn't that much of an issue as much as having too much on my plate. I need to get better at prioritizing.

@SL - I LOVE that Nemo saying, SL!

@Kimberly - I have my fingers crossed for making progress during Xmas break too.

@Elise - I am, girl. And right about now I want to kill that bird too! LOL!

J.L. Campbell said...

Every time I see that cartoon it makes me laugh. Like you, time or the lack of it, seems to be my biggest issues. I've decided to stop complaining and just use the time I have wisely.