Monday, November 7, 2011

Book Review: Andrea Cremer's Wolfsbane

Book 2 in Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade series is Wolfsbane. I’ll do my best not to mention too many spoilers, but that may prove impossible.  First, for those that haven’t had a chance to read Book 1, Nightshade, take a moment to check out my review.

In Nightshade (Book 1), we left off where Calla made a choice to save Shay; her secret love or the Scion who would tip the scales of the War of the Witches from the Keepers to the Searchers.  I
n Wolfsbane, Calla, originally a Guardian for the Keepers, awoke in a place of her enemy, the Searchers' abode.  In her wake, she left behind her betrothed, Ren, her family and above all her pack. She left them for love, for Shay and in doing so, she sealed her fate and the fate of her loved ones to the merciless, sadistic transgressions of the Keepers. 
Wolfsbane had a sluggish start for me.  Overall, I liked the story, but it left me feeling conflicted -- very much like its protagonist, Calla.  Before I grumble a bit, let me start by reiterating how much I love the intricate & beautiful world Andrea Cremer created.  It’s breathtaking at times to say the least.  My main issue was with Calla’s uncertainty about her entire situation.  As an alpha wolf, her indecision seemed odd or out of place. However, when you consider her entire life was uprooted, I guess it’s understandable.  Still, Calla was constantly second guessing her decisions, including her love for Shay & then Ren. I adore love triangles, but this one confused me. To me, it was obvious in Nightshade that she chose Shay. Even so, with all the doubt plaguing her throughout Book 2 and still doubt after she chose Shay, I was like huh?  Furthermore, Calla's shock at how her pack was treated by the Keepers was equally perplexing.  As a reader, I found myself asking the question: what did you expect?

Is it okay to enjoy a book even though your disappointed in the main character(s)? I have to say that's the way I felt.  There are times when I've read a series, and then I stopped because of the disappointment in the story lingers. That's not the case here. Despite Calla’s relentless doubt and or flawed decision-making, I still found myself suspended in the action-packed adventure of the Searchers, the Guardians and of course, the Keepers.  Now that some of those irrevocably life-altering decisions were made, I have to know what happens with Shay, Calla, Ren and the rest of the gang.

Wolfsbane was a 3.75 for me. I enjoyed it and am definitely committed to finishing this YA series.  Click here to read Bloodrose Chapter One.  Whew...boy, oh boy!  You have to read this one.

Mina B,

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