Friday, May 6, 2011

Fridays with Fred: Pretty in Pink

Hey everybody!  Fridays with Fred is here and better late than never, huh?  There’s a cute story behind this picture.  Back when we had Buffy, she slept here in the pink princess bed Fred’s lounging in.  It was the perfect snuggle pad where she could burrow herself for hours.  Now Fred uses it and I just have to laugh.  It’s so girly, complete with pink polka dots and fuchsia embroidered princess crown in the center.  Anyway, I thought I’d share. 
Enjoy your weekend.

Don't tell the guys.
Be sure and stop by and visit Schatze over at Mary's (BookHounds). She's one of Fred's other hot babes.

Mina B.


Lisa said...

Fred is a lover and secure enough to sleep in a pink bed. Just another reason that he is the bestest doggie in the world!! Love him.

jackie b central texas said...

Fred is keeping the "scent" memory of Buffy close by utilizing her former lounging spot, he is also a very secure guy!

carla said...

Fred is confident and suave to sleep in a pink bed. He is the greatest!

Mina Burrows said...

@Lisa - totally secure in his manhood...even though he's been fixed. Ouch!

@jackie - I thought so too but their relationship was a bit odd. Fred kind of...tolerated her. You're probably right though.

@carla - Yes. And he does favor male dogs over bia*@!* so one always wonders.

And yes, he is the best.

Deedles said...

Fred is just awesome!

Mina Burrows said...

@Deedles - I think so too! (*hugs Freddie*)