Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Big Reveal, Silent Genes

As promised, I said my next blog post would be Chapter 1 from my debut novel, Silent Genes. Before I divulge the story’s beginning, I’d like to give some insight into one of my main characters, Sarah Whitaker.

Sarah is a recent widow, but what’s most important is she’s a mother of two small children, Conner (4) and Jessica (2).  Death sets the stage for this chapter, unfortunately. And now Sarah is dealing with the after effects. I’ve tried to imagine what it would take for a young mother to withstand a horrific blow such as losing a husband and for a child too lose a father. What would her thoughts be like? How does she manage to move forward? Sarah once was a vibrant, strong woman, only now with the recent life changing events, she is broken.

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Click to read: Chapter 1: Broken


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CBell said...

Great read. When's it being published?