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700+ word rhyming tale
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When I turned three,
My mother said to me,

“No more diapers, Billy dear.
From now on, when you go…you’ll go in here.”

It was a toilet bowl she pointed at,
“The potty,” she said to me with a pat.

At that’s what she called it, “A potty?” I thought.
I asked with confusion, “But what about those diapers and wipies you bought?

She gave me a smile and softly cooed,
A sweet little phrase to brighten my mood…

Timid Tabitha’s Family Ghosts
- 700+ word rhyming tale
Status:  in editing mode

When timid Tabatha was nearly five,
her mum feared her sadness would never subside.

A move to a new neighborhood into her mum’s old house,
Tabitha grew deathly silent, quiet as a mouse.

With sullen dark circles and always wearing a frown,
Tabitha was the sweetest yet unhappiest girl in town.

Although many children wanted to be her friend,
Poor little Tabitha was too shy, afraid she’d never fit in.

Too frightened to make friends and too poor to buy new toys
Her mum constantly worried about Tabitha’s lack of joy…

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